Poultry hanger (Belgium) , in Belgium

Position is open for 118 daysAvailable positions: 0/0Salary: from 15.59€/h

Job description

Belki is a Belgian company, supplying chicken products to leading European food partners, working with poultry farms and factories.
Are you motivated for a long term employment abroad, as a meat production worker? The company is currently looking for chicken factory workers for their production hanging department. 
You will be requested to:
  • Suspend poultry chickens (still feathered) with legs on hooks, from conveyor, in a very fast working tempo, around 16-20 chicken per minute;
  • Carry out work on and around the production line in accordance with the instructions applicable to the workplace;
  • Clean working area or other required tasks, if necessary.
The employees will be daily provided with new working clothes, gloves, face mask, etc. as well as safety shoes at work location.
Working temperature may vary depending on the department to perform the tasks. The location can become dirty during the hanging process. Some unpleasant smell is also a condition to be flexible with. Work is very physically heavy as you need to hang up ~3kg heavy chickens during your entire shift. 
Overtime might be requested to guarantee production. Shifts schedule will be informed weekly by the company.


  • Experience required in meat production: worker must be skillful and result-oriented;
  • Ready to work in a slaughterhouse;
  • Attention to hygiene, safety, and quality standards;
  • Fast-pace and  motivated to work in a smelly and sometimes noisy environment, standing during the entire workday;
  • Strong and healthy candidate, capable of facing dirty area, machine noise and physically demanding tasks;
  • As tasks are related to meat processing industry and the processing of poultry, workers cannot have infectious or skin diseases;
  • Availability to stay in the Netherlands for long term.



Basic English skills are needed as most people speak Polish or other Eastern European languages.