Machine operator (metal) , in Belgium

Position is open for 45 daysAvailable positions: 1/1Salary: from 13.19€/h

Job description

Dubaere is a company owned by family. Company have two sites in Aalter and Meulebeke in Belgium, they provide flexible solutions for the reinforcement of steel: cold
drawn ribbed wire and welded mesh.

Dubaere needs people who have already been machine operators, who are a bit technically inclined, who see work, who dare to get their hands dirty and who want to work in the long term.

At Dubaere they
have three departments in the production:

Department 1:
Wire drawing

  • Rincing
    of the raw wire rod
  • Removing
    of mill scale, stretch and lubricate
  • Cold
    wire drawing (by operating the machine)
  • Preparing
    for transport or the next department
  • Supervision
    during this whole process

Department 2:

  • Manually input
    of steel wire in machine + check
  • Registration of
  • Cutting steel
  • Preparing for
    transport or the next department
  • Operating
    several machines + gantry

Department 3:
Net welding machines

  • Input of steel
    bars in machine (automatic and manually)
  • Check
    measurements of bars + input computer
  • Supervision
    during the whole process
  • Troubleshooting
  • Preparing for
    transport or next department

It’s long term job offer, company works in two shift schedule.



  • CV in English with relevant experience is needed to apply for this job
  • Similar job experience in metal production enviroment and as operator
  • Ready to do physical job, can do some lifting, no back problems
  • Prepared to work with metals, to get your hands dirty
  • Able to follow strict safety rules
  • Logical thinking, stress resistant



Good English is needed, at least B1 level.