Forklift maintenance technician , in Belgium

Position is open for 401 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 13€/h

Job description

KHB, located in the Belgian Flanders, is expanding its business.
This Belgian partner is currently hiring Forklift Maintenance Technicians for its two locations: Diest and Laakdal.
Tasks will be held in a big garage, where it will be necessary to repair all kind of forklifts (heftrucks), heightworkers and telereachers. KHB’s technicians usually work “on the road” or in the facilities. You must be flexible to carry through inbound and outbound tasks.
To work in this position, you will be able to perform the following chores:
  • Maintaining and repairing material;
  • Be prepared to partially assembling new material ready for selling;
  • Reporting possible material defects to the shifts’ team-leader, for quality control.
  • Workers will get 150% paid for overtime work.

Shifts allowances are not included as there is only 1 shift available, during day time.



  • CV in English is needed to apply for this job
  • Minimum 1 year of a similar job experience, as working on  forklift mechanical maintenence;
  • Hydraulics, mechanics and truck mechanics training are welcome;
  • Ability to work quickly, with quality and precision, during the entire workday;
  • Team work is a plus as this is a multicultural team;
  • Workers must be very flexible to multitasking positions and working hours per week, depending on the current orders to be processed and dispatched;
  • Availability to work overtime and to be on-call every day if extra people are needed;
  • Own car is a plus;
  • Availability to stay in Belgium as this is a long term offer.



Communicative English (B1 minimum)