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Chicken Production Worker , in Belgium

Position is open for 115 daysAvailable positions: 4/4Salary: from 11.42€/h

Job description

Schieldermans, a Belgian company, located in Bree, is currently looking for filleting chicken workers for their production department.

You will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Use hand tools to perform routine cutting and trimming of  poultry, such as a boning knife to prepare food before packing, reversing the fillets coming out of the machine and removing bone, grease, skin and feathers, from carcass;
  • Carry out work on and around the production line in accordance with the instructions applicable to the workplace;
  • Separate meats and by products into specified containers and seal containers;
  • Using, or operating, simple mechanical tools;
  • Clean machine working area;
  • Other required tasks.

Working clothing and safety shoes will be provided at work location.

Warehouse working temperature may vary depending on the department to perform the tasks, around +12ºC-16ºC.

Overtime might be requested to guarantee production targets. Shifts schedule will be informed weekly by the company.

Long term job offer.



  • Knife experience is not required, but worker must be motivated to learn;
  • Attention to hygiene, safety, and quality standards;
  • Team spirit and motivated to work in a smelly and sometimes noisy environment, being stand during the entire journey;
  • Fast-pace personality;
  • Strong and healthy candidate towards physical strain, work temperature and machine noise;
  • As tasks are related to meat processing industry and the processing of poultry, workers cannot have infectious diseases or skin diseases;
  • Availability to stay in Belgium for long term.



Good communication skills are not needed, but you need to be able to communicate in Russian, Polish, English or Latvian.