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Chicken filleter , in Belgium

Position is open for 53 daysAvailable positions: 4/4Salary: from 11.42€/h

Job description

Our partners are looking for production employees to work for a production company, which is a leading poultry processing plant, located in Aalst, Belgium. Their products are at the top range with retail and poultry wholesalers in the Benelux and France.

The company is currently looking for female workers for their chicken filleting department.

Some of the tasks you may be asked to do as a chicken filleter employee are:

  • reversing the fillets coming out of the machine and removing bone and grease
  • carrying out work on and around the production line
  • using and operating small mechanical tools
  • cleaning working area and/or other required tasks, if necessary.

Employees will be provided with new working clothes, gloves, face mask, etc. daily at work location; as well as safety shoes.

You will be working in a department with low temperatures (between 12-16 degrees). Employees need to be flexible with, for some, unpleasant smell of meat, machine noise, physically demanding tasks and skilled working with a knife and other simple mechanical tools.
Overtime might be requested to guarantee production. Shift schedules are done weekly by the company.


  • Experience required in meat production: worker must be skilful, result-oriented and flexible ;
  • Ready to work in a meat industry environment;
  • Experience working with a knife will be a plus, but not required
  • Attention to hygiene, safety, and quality standards;
  • Team spirit and motivated to work in production, ready to stand during the shift;
  • Fast-pace personality;
  • Strong and healthy candidate with good motor skills, capable of facing cold environment, machine noise and physically demanding tasks;
  • As tasks are related to meat processing industry and the processing of poultry, workers cannot have infectious or skin diseases;
  • Availability to stay in Belgium long term.



Basic English communication abilities are plus, but not required (none - A2)