Getting payed in Netherlands, everything about salaries

Getting payed in Netherlands, everything about salaries

What amount of payment should I expect when working in the Netherlands

The salary you will receive will depend on the sector in which you work, your qualification and the number of working hours. However, it will not be less than a fixed minimum gross salary, which is 1335 euros per month.

For an unskilled position, people who go to work in the Netherlands earn between 800 and 1200 euros a month. This remuneration corresponds to 40 hours of work per week, after paying rent, insurance and taxes, but does not include living expenses. Skilled workers, depending on their occupation, earn between €1000 and €2000 a month after deducting income, insurance and taxes, but without living expenses. Some workers have, in addition to their salary, their transport expenses paid.

In addition to the salary, you will also receive a holiday allowance. Every hour of work contributes to vacation pay. Depending on the recruiting company, vacation pay may be paid for each vacation period you take or twice a year, usually in June and December.

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How does the payment system work in the Netherlands?

Our partners in the Netherlands pay by the hour. Depending on the recruiting company, it is paid weekly, once every two weeks or once every four weeks. Your salary, after deducting income, insurance and taxes, is transferred to a Dutch or foreign account, indicated on your arrival in the Netherlands.

To open an account with a Dutch bank you must present:

✔ the Dutch identification document number

✔ home address

✔ employment contract with the Dutch recruitment company

✔ It may take three to four weeks to open an account with a Dutch bank.

Why are young people paid less?

According to Dutch law, the payment in the Netherlands for young people up to 23 years of age may be lower. This is a measure to reduce youth unemployment. The younger the employee, the less money is paid per hour.

Depending on their age and the sector in which they work, the monthly salary of young employees varies between 600 and 900 euros. This is the salary after income, insurance and taxes are deducted.

As payment in the Netherlands and payment terms depend on the Dutch recruitment company , this is discussed in detail during the interview with your consultant.

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