How is the accommodation and transportation organized when I move abroad?

How is the accommodation and transportation organized when I move abroad?

Wondering what the accommodation that is provided next to the job abroad will be like? Let us explain to you what type of accommodation you can expect that will be offered. The type of housing and transportation from your new living place to your new job depends on the country you will be working in, either the Netherlands, Germany, or Belgium.

What accommodation do agencies abroad offer, and for how long are these available?

Robin only offers you work when the accommodation, at least during your first months abroad, is as well organized if requested. We know from our own experience that it can be tough to arrange affordable accommodation yourself in another country. Especially when you don’t speak the local language.

In the Netherlands, accommodation is provided for as long as you are working through the agency abroad. Some agencies in Germany and Belgium offer accommodation for you just for the first three months abroad. After these three months, the agency will help you agree directly with the housing provider or find something for yourself. These agencies want people to integrate into the country and see that having accommodation is part of the integration process. Still, Robin works with plenty of agencies in Germany and Belgium that provide accommodation for the whole time you work there.

What type of accommodation can I expect when I go to work abroad?

The type of accommodation depends on how significant the accommodation shortage is in a specific country or region. For example, there is a substantial shortage of accommodation in the Netherlands, especially in the country’s southern part. This is why housing companies develop specific regions or build living units to comfortably accommodate migrant workers. Some agencies Robin works with have big hotels available, for example, explicitly made for this purpose. As well you can find little villages of tiny homes in the Netherlands that are as well developed for the same purpose. In districts where there are more homes available, you can expect to live in ordinary apartment buildings or detached homes.

In Germany and Belgium, where the lack of housing for migrant workers is less significant than in the Netherlands, expect to live in a furnished apartment or a detached home. It doesn’t matter what country you go to, expect to share a room with someone’s else. Houses include furniture and cooking facilities. You only need to take bed linen for yourself and, of course, take some personal items that make your new living place make you feel more at home.

What does the accommodation cost for me?

The costs of accommodation depend as well on the region you will live in. For example, Amsterdam is much more expensive, looking at housing costs than a small town in Germany.
Most agencies abroad charge a fixed weekly fee for accommodation. It doesn’t matter what housing you will live, off around 100 euro per week. This charge is deducted automatically from your salary. In the Netherlands, people are protected from the charges of accommodation that employers deduct from salaries. The employer is not allowed to charge you the full accommodation cost when you didn’t work enough hours to cover these costs. So as a matter of fact, the housing costs are the agency’s responsibility, which makes them motivated to give you as many hours as possible during your time abroad.

It doesn’t matter which country, accommodation costs in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium are very similar to each other.
When an employment agency and their accommodation is located in a more remote district, you can expect to pay less for your accommodation, around 80 Euros per week.
In case you feel that you can get better accommodation for a reasonable price yourself, agencies don’t have a problem when you find accommodation by yourself.

With whom will I live when I move abroad with the help of Robin?

It doesn’t matter to what country you will move to work abroad and expect to live with various nationalities. Most agencies Robin works with have people from all over Europe: Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. In most cases, the agency will try to find a roommate for you from the same nationality to adapt to your new home as easy as possible. In case you are not satisfied with the accommodation provided for you, agencies are open to offering you another home elsewhere if these are available. Keep in mind that the homes’ quality standard is mainly depending on the people living there and not so much on the agency that provides the accommodation. Keeping the house tidy and cozy is responsible for the people living in the home, just like at your own home.

How is transportation from the living place to the accommodation organized?

All Agencies Robin works with taking care of your daily commute from your new accommodation to your workplace. Only in some exceptional cases, for example, for construction workers, the agency prefers you to travel in your own car and compensate for that. As the Netherlands is the number 1 means of transportation is cycling, most agencies provide people a bicycle upon their arrival if the commute is less than 10 km. A significant advantage of cycling is that you don’t have to share your transport with someone else, which gives you a lot of extra freedom. As well, cycling is free! You only need to pay a deposit which will be returned when you give the bicycle back. If you want your own bicycle as well, this is not a problem. Check www.marktplaats.nl and search for ‘fiets’ to find an affordable bike in your surroundings.

Suppose you live further than 10 km away from your job. In that case, agencies will provide a car for you and your colleagues living in the same accommodation.

In Belgium, bicycles are slightly less standard than in the Netherlands. In some cases, the agency asks you to go to work using local transport. Some Belgium agencies prefer people to use their own car to go to work and back and will pay travel expenses for that. In case you want to buy a bicycle in Belgium, check 2dehands.be to get yourself a good deal.

In Germany, most employers organize a car for you to travel to work and back. You will need to share this car with other people living in the same home or that you need to pick up some colleagues at another address. Distances in Germany are a bit further compared to the Netherlands and Belgium. So it’s harder to commute to work using a bicycle.

Keep in mind: the accommodation will always be provided for those who go to work abroad with Robin’s help. But the exact address where you will live will be only offered a couple of days before your arrival abroad. It is challenging for agencies to plan the accommodation weeks ahead.

If you have preferences on where you would like to live and with whom, let Robin job experts know so we can help you find work with accommodation accordingly.


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