The Cost of Living in the Netherlands in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide for Single Individuals & Couples

The Cost of Living in the Netherlands in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide for Single Individuals & Couples

Are you considering a move to the Netherlands? Knowing the cost of living in the Netherlands is essential so that you can prepare in advance for this step.

On average, a single person needs around €957 per month, while a family of four will need at least €3,343. These are prices without rent included! 

This article will give you a detailed look at the average monthly costs for housing, utilities, healthcare, groceries, and transportation. You’ll get the insights you need to plan your budget effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • The average cost of living in the Netherlands for a family of four per month is €3,343.4 and €956.3 for a single person, with housing costs being particularly high in cities like Amsterdam.
  • Healthcare in the Netherlands requires mandatory insurance, with a basic insurance premium starting at €135 per month, but costs can rise with additional services not covered by the basic package.
  • Government subsidies support childcare and education by making primary and secondary education free and providing financial assistance for childcare costs.

Overview of Living Expenses in the Netherlands

cost of living in the netherlands

The Netherlands, the land of clogs and cheese, offers a high standard of living. With an average monthly cost of €3,343 for a family of four and €957.6 for a single person (excluding rent), the living costs are 10.9% lower than in the US.

The cost of living in the Netherlands varies considerably across regions, with the Randstad area (especially Amsterdam) on the higher side due to high demand and low supply of quality rental properties.

So, whether you plan to nestle in the bustling Dutch capital or a charming countryside town, be prepared for the costs that await you, as the Netherlands vary considerably in terms of living expenses.

Housing Costs in Major Dutch Cities

Housing costs, whether for a canal-side apartment in Amsterdam or a cosy house in Utrecht, make up a significant part of living expenses in the Netherlands. The average rental price for unregulated sector homes has seen a rise in the five largest Dutch cities.

We’ll now examine the housing costs across major Dutch cities.

Rent Prices Across Dutch Cities

The cost of renting, whether it’s a traditional canal house or a modern apartment, can be high in Dutch cities. Amsterdam, with its €2,000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, is the crown jewel when it comes to the highest rent prices.

However, if you venture out to cities like The Hague or Rotterdam, you can find more affordable options, with rents averaging €1,500 and €1,200, respectively for a similar apartment.

City and Region

Apartment Size (m²)Minimum Rent Median Rent Maximum Rent 
Amsterdam (City Centre)50€1,500€2,000


Amsterdam (Outer Areas)


(City Centre)




(Outer Areas)




(City Centre)




(Outer Areas)


(City Centre)




(Outer Areas)



(City Centre)


(Outer Areas)



Property Purchase Costs

If you’re thinking about buying a property in the Netherlands, you should be prepared for significant costs. In Amsterdam, the average selling price of a house was a staggering €621,000 in 2022. Utrecht was not far behind, with average prices exceeding the national average by almost €200,000.

Keep in mind that these figures don’t include additional costs like municipal taxes.

Utility Bills: Gas, Water, Electricity, Internet, Phone

After securing a home, it’s important to consider the utility costs. The average utility cost for an 85-square-metre apartment in the Netherlands is €217 per month. However, Amsterdam residents contend with one of the highest electricity bills in the world, substantially inflating the city’s utility costs.

Healthcare Costs and Insurance

cost of living in the netherlands

With the help of mandatory Dutch health insurance programmes, the Dutch public healthcare system is known for its effectiveness and quality. The basic health insurance premium starts at €130 per month and it covers standard medical care procedures . However, actual healthcare costs can be higher depending on your needs and the insurance package you choose.

We’ll now explore the complexities of healthcare costs in the Netherlands.

Basic Health Insurance Package

The basic health insurance package in the Netherlands covers essential medical care, including general practitioner visits, hospital care, and pharmaceuticals. The starting price for EU citizens is around €2,300 per year.

Additional Healthcare Costs

While the basic package covers most healthcare needs, some circumstances may require additional coverage. Services that basic insurance does not cover, such as dental care, physiotherapy, and international medical coverage, can become more expensive.

These additional costs, including a deductible excess of €385 before the insurance starts covering them, can add up quickly, so it’s wise to plan ahead.

Childcare and Education Expenses

Raising a child in the Netherlands comes with its own set of expenses. However, the Dutch government offers various support options, including:

  • Free primary and secondary education
  • Child benefit payments
  • Childcare allowance
  • Parental leave benefits

The average university tuition fee varies depending on the study program and university.

Let’s break down the costs related to childcare and education in the Netherlands.

Childcare Options and Costs

Childcare options in the Netherlands are diverse, ranging from daycare to au pairs. The government provides childcare allowances, ensuring that quality care is accessible and affordable.

For instance, the maximum hourly government contributions for daycare in Amsterdam are €9.65/hour.

Education Costs

Education is an investment in the future. In the Netherlands, while primary and secondary education comes free of charge, university tuition fees for EU students range from €2,000 to €4,000 per year. International students can expect to pay between €6,000 and €15,000 per year, with specialised programmes potentially costing even more.

Grocery and Dining Costs

cost of living in the netherlands

Whether you’re a fan of Dutch cheese or enjoy a hearty stamppot, food expenses will form a significant part of your monthly budget. The average monthly grocery budget per person ranges from €200 to €500.

The experience of dining out in the Netherlands can range from cosy cafes to exquisite fine dining.

Grocery Shopping

From fresh cheese to aromatic coffee, basic grocery shopping in the Netherlands offers many options. General supermarkets like Albert Heijn and Plus offer everyday foods at reasonable prices.

For budget-conscious shoppers, discount stores like Aldi and Lidl offer good deals.

Dining Out

Dining out in the Netherlands offers a culinary journey from traditional Dutch cuisine to international delights. The cost of a typical evening meal at an inexpensive restaurant ranges from €15 to €20 per person.

This makes it an affordable option for individuals looking for a budget-friendly dining experience. However, dining in more upscale restaurants can set you back €40 to €90 per person. So, whether you’re craving a hearty erwtensoep or an exquisite rijsttafel, there’s a dining option to suit your budget.

Transportation Costs

Navigating the Netherlands is a breeze with its efficient and comprehensive transportation network. Whether you opt for public transport or private transport, the costs are generally reasonable.

Netherlands Public Transport Options

From trams to trains, public transport in the Netherlands is well-connected and punctual. A GVB 1-hour ticket in Amsterdam costs €3.40, while a day ticket is priced at €9.00. For frequent travellers, a public transport card or subscription can offer substantial savings.

Private Transport

If you prefer the convenience of private transport, owning a car or using taxi services are viable options. However, bike prices vary enormously, so you might consider purchasing a bicycle as well. The average cost of buying a car like a Volkswagen Golf or a Toyota Corolla Sedan is about €25,500.

Taxi services, while pricier than public transport, are reliable, with taxi prices having an average starting price of €3.60 for a ride.

Leisure and Lifestyle Expenses in the Netherlands

Offering a vibrant culture and an active lifestyle, the Netherlands presents many leisure and lifestyle options. Some common leisure costs that contribute to the overall cost of living in the Netherlands include:

  • Gym memberships
  • Concert tickets
  • Dining out
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment activities

When planning your budget, it’s important to consider the four estimated monthly costs, as these monthly costs can vary depending on individual preferences and lifestyle choices.


Restaurant Meal (Mid-Range)Cinema TicketGym MembershipMonthly Entertainment Budget (Estimated)

€200 – €300


€22€13€45€180 – €250

€150 – €220

The Hague

€23€14€48€170 – €240

€130 – €200



€120 – €180

Gym Membership and Fitness Costs

Staying fit in the Netherlands is easy with numerous gyms and fitness centres. The cost of gym memberships varies from €20 to €60 per month, with student discounts available.

Entertainment and Hobbies

The Netherlands offers a vibrant entertainment scene. Some examples of entertainment expenses include:

  • Two tickets to the theatre with the best available seats cost €107
  • A concert can set you back between €20 and €50, depending on the artist and venue
  • Engaging in hobbies like sports clubs or classes can also add to monthly expenses, with average fees of around €30 to €50 per month.

Taxation and Social Security

The Dutch tax system is progressive and comprehensive. Here are some key points to note:

  • A basic rate of 36.97% is levied for income up to €75,624
  • A top rate of 49.50% is applied for income above this threshold
  • Additional taxes, such as the wealth tax, may also apply, depending on your circumstances.

Assistance Programmes

The Dutch government offers several assistance programmes, including childcare allowances, healthcare allowances, and child benefits. These programmes aim to ease the cost of living, particularly for families and low-income individuals.

How Does the Cost of Living in Dutch Cities Compare to Other European Cities?

The cost of living in Dutch cities varies significantly compared to many other European cities. While generally more affordable than other major capitals of Western Europe like Paris or London, Dutch cities are similar in cost to major German and Austrian cities.

Ultimately, the true comparison depends on your lifestyle choices alone. Frequent restaurant visits, night outs, or expensive hobbies will raise costs no matter where you live.


Average Cost of Living for SingleAverage Cost of Living for CoupleAverage Cost of Living for Family of 4
Amsterdam€2,000 – €2,500€3,000 – €3,800

€4,000 – €5,000


€2,800 – €3,500€4,000 – €5,000€5,500 – €6,500
Paris€2,500 – €3,200€3,500 – €4,500

€4,800 – €6,000


€1,800 – €2,200€2,800 – €3,500€3,500 – €4,500
Vienna€1,600 – €2,000€2,500 – €3,200

€3,200 – €4,000


€2,300 – €2,800€3,200 – €4,000€4,500 – €5,500
Stockholm€2,200 – €2,700€3,500 – €4,200

€4,800 – €6,000


€1,200 – €1,500€1,800 – €2,500€2,500 – €3,200
Lisbon€1,400 – €1,700€2,200 – €2,800

€3,000 – €3,800

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Frequently Asked Questions about Living Expenses in the Netherlands

What is the Cost of Living in the Netherlands for Couples?

The cost of living in Holland for couples can vary depending on their lifestyle and location. In general, you can expect to spend between €2,000 and €3,500 per month. The biggest role in your budget will be rent. The rent prices fluctuate largely between Amsterdam and smaller cities.

Groceries and utilities are fairly affordable. Keep in mind that eating out and entertainment can add up quickly. Sharing an apartment and cooking meals at home will lower your costs on a large scale. Remember, this is just an estimate, so factor in your spending habits to get a more accurate picture.

What is the Cost of Living in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam offers a vibrant lifestyle, however, be prepared for a higher cost of living compared to other Dutch cities. Rent is the main culprit. On average, a couple will typically spend €2,100 to €3,200 per month on a one-bedroom apartment. Expect to budget around €5,600 monthly for a comfortable life for two.

Moreover, the groceries and utilities are reasonable, yet enjoying Amsterdam’s famous restaurants, bars, and cafes will break the bank easily. If you tend to manage expenses, consider exploring alternative neighbourhoods.

What Assistance Programmes does the Dutch Government offer?

The Dutch government offers assistance programmes such as childcare allowances, healthcare allowances, and child benefits to support its citizens. These programmes are designed to provide financial aid to those in need.

Is it Expensive to Live in the Netherlands?

Living expenses in the Netherlands can be considered high compared to some other European countries, especially in major cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht. Particularly, housing is a significant expense, and lifestyle decisions and individual needs can affect the overall cost.

However, finding a job and relocating to the Netherlands with the support of a recruitment agency can provide you with significantly more affordable housing and save you money in the long run.

How Much Money Would You Need to Live Comfortably in the Netherlands?

The cost of living in the Netherlands for a single person is around €2,000 to €2,500 per month, including rent, while a family of four might need between €4,500 and €5,500 per month. These figures are estimates and can vary greatly depending on the city, lifestyle, and personal circumstances.

Our experience in helping over 40,000 blue-collar workers find a job in the Netherlands shows us that it’s possible to minimise the cost of living and achieve the financial gains and goals of working abroad.


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