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What is Hire Abroad?

It is awesome that you want to help Robin! We are thrilled that you want to assist us in finding perfect candidates and filling up the constant influx of job openings, but our platform is set up to have in-house recruiters.

You can join our new recruitment platform, Hire Abroad, instead! We created it specifically for recruiters like you.

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Robin is for job seekers

Our journey begins with Robin, a company we created to provide the best possible experience for job seekers who want to work abroad. For over 15 years, we’ve provided a safe environment for people from different European countries who wanted to find jobs and accommodation in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. We plan to improve Robin further and assist more people in their job search. However…

We haven’t forgotten about you

Throughout this journey, we’ve received multiple offers from recruitment agencies from all across Europe – agencies such as yours – offering us various business proposals. This motivated us to develop a separate platform that will cater to all your needs. So…

We created Hire Abroad

Hire Abroad is the new platform that bridges the gap between employment and recruitment agencies and allows both parties to thrive. We used our industry knowledge and experience to…

Tailor the platform to your needs

The platform is designed to make your job easier and allow you to focus fully on recruitment. You will always have access to hundreds of job offers from employment agencies, primarily from the Netherlands but also from Germany and Belgium. Thanks to the user-friendly platform and seamless communication channels, you can sustainably scale your operations and profits.

Now that you know about it

It is time to take action. We already have dozens of hand-picked recruitment agencies working through Hire Abroad and you are welcome to join us too.

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