Emballage (1 of 4 with Eng) The Netherlands, Netherlands, from 11,24€/hour

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Описание работы

Sligro is leader in food-service wholesale, in the dutch territory.
As customers’demands increase, the company is searching for emballage department staff. Emballage employees are the ones working with all incoming and outgoing boxes that are used.
Working at Sligro, you will have to:
  • Prepare empty crates and bottles, before sending them to be re-used by the different warehouse departments;
  • Load/unload the boxes, moving them, while driving an EPT or forklift;
  • Wash boxes, removing any waste and report broken boxes;
  • Stack the clean boxes, checking the quantity of needed and available boxes, making sure enough boxes will be delivered to all warehouse departments.
3-shifts working schedule (day/evening/night). Workers must be flexible to work overtime, if necessary. 
Company provides work training and a Staff Buddy, to guide workers on their daily tasks.
An well-equipped canteen, with low-cost lunch or a free drinks (coffee/tea)/outside smoking area are also advantages to work at this company.
Warehouses have different temperatures, according to each department where food products are located. In most locations, the working environment is +18ºC, comfortably warm. Fresh food products are located in places of +4ºC and you must be ready to work at low temperatures.
Full-time and long term job offer, in a good team-working environment.


  • CV in English to apply for this job;
  • Warehouse packing experience, specially in cooler departments, is an advantage;
  • Experience as an EPT or Forklift driver is an advantage;
  • Flexibility to work in different working shifts;
  • Healthy and Ready to face cooler temperatures and work in fridge areas +4ºC;
  • Team player and able to work independently in a fast-pace with minimum error rate;
  • To be ready to stay in the Netherlands at least 1 year.



Good English language skills are needed for 1 of 4 people.