Why should I use the help of Robin in getting a job with accommodation abroad?

Why should I use the help of Robin in getting a job with accommodation abroad?

What can Robin do for you?

Robin offers intermediate services between foreign temporary employment agencies and people, just like looking for a job with a living place in either the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany. With Robbins’ job expert, you will discuss what agency and what company suits your wishes most. As Robin has a network with over 30 employment agencies abroad, we can offer a job to almost anyone, as long as you have an E.U. passport. But Robin goes further than that. Our services extend not to finding the right job with accommodation for you abroad. On request, Robin brings you in touch with like-minded people to yourself that left to work overseas a little earlier. People that are accustomed already to the country will help you feel confident. Robins’ job experts will remain available for you for questions and help if needed. Our job is never finished. We want to offer more than work abroad, provide a comfortable relocation for E.U. employees to a new country, either the Netherlands, Germany, or Belgium.

With what type of agencies does Robin work?

All agencies Robin cooperates with are operating in the international recruitment market and have at least 10 years of experience in this market. These agencies have proven to be successful in providing work with accommodation for candidates that used Robins services in the past.

Robin has been to these agencies themselves, have visited the accommodation provided, and spend some time at our job seekers’ workplaces. This is how Robin’s job experts create a good understanding of what is waiting ahead for you when you work abroad.

All agencies Robin works with are a member of the recruitment branch organizations abroad. We know that a standard is followed, looking at the payment of salaries and the provided accommodation.

How do we earn money?

‘If Robin doesn’t charge anything to jobseekers for the help of getting a job with accommodation abroad, how do they make money’ you might wonder. The answer is that the employment agency abroad is paying for our services to find the right candidate. We are actually convinced that we do this more cost-efficiently than the agency is doing it themselves. Helping people is in our name. It’s the core of our business. It’s why we exist and why Robins’ job experts are going to work motivated each day. No one can do this better and more efficiently as we do. If you doubt this, challenge us 🙂

How does Robin compare to other agencies that offer work abroad?

Unlike many other agencies that recruit people to work abroad, Robin is interested in creating the best experience possible for those planning to live overseas. This we do by providing the right information at the right moment, travel ourselves to the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, and visit accommodation and companies where people are going to live and work. Our mission is to offer more than work abroad. We stay in touch with you after you arrive abroad to make sure you are settling in fine. We connect you to like-minded people that traveled earlier abroad so that they can help you get around. We are only satisfied when you recommend our service to a friend.

Where does the name Robin come from?

Robin is a familiar name for those of you that like stories and action heroes. Robin is a helping hand for people. Making sure that job seekers get the support they need at the moment is the most crucial. Robin creates trust, communicates open and clear to people, and doesn’t get surprises when arriving at work abroad. Robin offers more than work abroad. One of Robin’s values is driven, which proves that we want to improve ourselves and the journey of the people we help every day.

Get a job abroad with the help of Robin.


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