Level 5- Nursing Assistant (from €2160 gross/monthly) , в Нідерландах

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Level 5- Nursing Assistant (from €2160 gross/monthly)

Level 5- Nursing Assistant (from €2160 gross/monthly) , в Нідерландах

, Netherlands

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Our partner, Back to Care, is looking for nurse assistants to join their team in The Netherlands.

You will be responsible for groups that consist of four to eight clients. Supervision provides assistance with activities of daily living and aims to provide safety and structure. An individualized daily program is applied to each client.

The goal is to provide the clients with a good quality of life, despite having some type of disability. The in-house guests and clients mostly need intensive long-term assistance and the aim is to do this together with all those involved through supervision, assistance, treatment, and different modalities of living, working, stimulation and leisure.

What is your job?

You will supervise permanent residents of the center. It’s not a therapy job so you will be in charge of the day-to-day supervision and full accompaniment of the user, this includes basic care and also part of emotional development. Our clients show low intellectual development, some even suffer from chronic illnesses such as autism or difficult behaviors.

There are always personalized programs to each client and we need to follow them knowing that they are extremely important for the care of the user.

What can we expect from our workers?

Tenacity: you stay within the guidelines of supervision and relationship with users.
Empathy: you recognize other people’s needs and feelings, feel them as your own, and identify with them. You see the reactions of clients and colleagues as a mirror of your own performance;
Courage: you take risks responsibly, based on professional and personal involvement.
Creativity and customer focus: based on your own vision and approach, you bring original ideas and solutions to enrich customers’ daily lives, achieve success, and reduce failure factors.
Responsibility: You are aware that other people depend on you. For you, each client deserves your full attention, and you take their wishes and needs seriously, as well as those of their family.
Commitment: You understand the project and know the importance of caring for a dependent person.
Motivation: You are highly motivated to build your career abroad and undertake a new adventure; you face it as a challenge, not as a drawback.

What will you get?

  • Free Dutch language training and course (Level B1) prior to joining us. The duration of the course is 16 weeks during which you will reside at the academy.

  • Free transportation to Holland.

  • Accommodation provided.

  • Stable and long-term project.

  • Annual salary review.

  • Administrative facilities.

  • Possibility of promotion and career plan.

  • Additional 8% of the annual salary in May and December.

  • 25 free days per year for a holiday;

  • 36-40 working hours per week;

The starting salary is €2166 gross per month, plus bonuses for extra shifts. There are 3 work shifts, morning, afternoon, and evening. Working hours and days may be irregular, so you should be flexible.



From 00:00h to 06:00h +44%
From 06:00h to 07:00h +22%
From 20:00h to 22:00h +22%
From 22:00h to 24:00h +44%


From 00:00h to 06:00h +49%
From 06:00h to 08:00h +38%
From 12:00h to 22:00h +38%
From 22:00h to 24:00h +49%




  • CV in English is required to apply for this position;
  • Completed degree or equivalent in Nursing (Level 5 EU-CEE);
  • Working experience;
  • Compassionate with good communication skills;
  • Excellent teamwork skills;
  • Willingness to live and work with multiple nationalities;
  • Possibility of staying longer in the Netherlands.



Good communication skills in English (at least B1)