Team Leader Assistant for Carpentry (€450-€525 net/week) Eindhoven, in Netherlands

Position is open for 54 daysAvailable positions: 1/2Salary: from /h

Job description

HQ Pack is a company that offers a comprehensive solution for all the needs of its clients, from developing and manufacturing tailored solutions to cleaning, servicing, and storage.

Our partner is looking for a TEAM LEADER ASSISTANT to join their team in the Netherlands!

In this position, you will perform various tasks regarding the work preparation for the multiple activities within the wood department and provide direct support to the process engineer and, in particular, the shift leader.

As a wood carpenter, this will be expected from you:

  • Ensuring the quality of your work;
  • Co-preparing activities; the development and complete preparation of orders at the sawmill;
  • Co-determining and preparing working methods and the work sequence based on the procedures used within the Wood department;
  • Reading and interpreting assignments and drawings, converting them into internal work instructions;
  • Administrative processing of various matters within the Wood department in support of the shift leader;
  • Responsible functioning.

Your main tasks will include the following:

  • Ensuring that the work for the shop floor is fully prepared;
  • Printing orders and drawings;
  • Taking care of photos, sewing instructions, and similar;
  • Checking that orders are complete so that the work floor does not stagnate;
  • Ensuring that the order is fully worked out so that processing can start on the planned date;
  • Confirming that the logistics department has done the order picking on time;
  • Consulting various departments to ensure the progress of production;
  • Complying with company regulations and protocols in the field of safety, the environment, and order.

The weekly net salary is between €450 and €525 per week, depending on the previous experience, and after the deduction for accommodation and medical insurance. 

Your accommodation will be in a single room. The agency will organize transportation to and from work, and there are three options—company car, electric bike, or regular bike

This is a long-term and full-time job opportunity.



  • CV in English is required to apply for this position;
  • Previous experience as a carpenter;
  • Able to read technical drawings;
  • Technical insight;
  • Eager to work independently and in a team;
  • Willingness to live and work with multiple nationalities;
  • Ready to stay longer in the Netherlands.



Minimum B2 level of English language.