Service Mechanic (€450-500 net/week) Deurne, in Netherlands

Position is open for 42 daysAvailable positions: 2/3Salary: from 15.66€/h

Job description

Knapen Service, a subsidiary of the renowned Knapen Group, specializes in servicing used trailers previously constructed at the Knapen Trailers factory. Join a small, dedicated team at Knapen Service, committed to providing top-notch trailer repairs and services, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

The Service Mechanic position entails a combination of mechanical and welding work. Not experienced in welding? Not an issue! The service department is divided into two sections: the welding section – where you’ll work with used aluminum and MIG welding, and the mechanical section – where you’ll handle tasks like tire replacement, adjusting or replacing hydraulic cables, checking and servicing the pneumatic system, and inspecting and maintaining the electrical system. If you have experience with car maintenance, this job will feel familiar. For skilled MIG ALU welders, there’s also a spot with the possibility of learning the basics of the mechanical side.

Tasks will include:

  • Performing tasks related to mechanical repairs and maintenance on trailers. 
  •  Engaging in welding activities using MIG welding techniques on used aluminum material. 
  •  Inspecting and servicing the electrical system of the trailers to ensure proper functioning and safety.
  •  Working in two sections within the service department – the welding section and the mechanical section. In the welding section, you will handle aluminum welding using MIG techniques. In the mechanical section, you will be responsible for various mechanical repairs and tasks.

Company provides:

  • Single-room housing.
  • Transportation support.
  • Holiday bonuses.
  • Periodic raises based on exemplary performance.
  • On-site support from the HOBIJ manager for 16 to 20 hours per week, ensuring ample support throughout your journey with us.

You will need flexibility to commute approximately 4 kilometers by bike to work.



Holiday allowance



  • English CV with previous work experience;
  • Proficiency in MIG welding in various positions on used aluminum material OR previous experience and a strong understanding of car maintenance (trailer experience is a bonus!);
  • Openness to learning and acquiring new skills;
  • Ambition to secure a long-term job opportunity;
  • A driver's license is preferred but not mandatory.



Good command of the English language