Cleaning Staff Nijmegen, in Netherlands, from 11,00€/hour

Position is open for 12 daysAvailable positions: 1/1

Job description

Robin long term partner agency B2Works from the Netherlands are in the need of extra hands! Big part of agency role is providing good quality accommodation to all their employees. To maintain the accommodations, cleaning staff is very important. 

You will work in team of 2 people, you will drive a car to agency’s accommodations (located in the area of Nijmegen) on weekdays and clean the kitchens, bathrooms and restrooms, living rooms and common areas. You will need to report to the agency if accommodation has any problems, if anything is broken etc. 

You need to be reliable, to be able to work independently and to always keep your eyes open.  Work is during the weekdays, from morning to afternoon. In emergency cases you might need to work overtime or work on weekends, upon agreement. We are looking for motivated long-term employee

You will work on Lithuanian contract:

  • Taxes are paid in Lithuania. It means that the job-seeker will sign a minimum wage working contract, and the rest of his salary will be paid as business trip compensation.
  • You will be registered as tax payer in the Netherlands, will receive BSN number, and small part of taxes will also be paid in the Netherlands. Insurance paid in Lithuania, and job-seeker would need to have a European health insurance card (EVAC).
  • Job-seeker benefit is less taxes and more higher neto salary.


  • Cleaning experience and practice
  • Flexible on working tasks and schedule
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to drive a car in the Netherlands and valid driver's licence



English level A2