✤ Car repair technician , in Netherlands, from 13,00€/hour

Position is open for 10 daysAvailable positions: 4/5

Job description

Our agency partner is looking for people to work in the automotive industry for several positions. They are mainly focused on car repairing.

If you have experience in the automotive field, specifically in repairing, this is the job for you!

All salaries are set up depending on experience, gross value.

  • Industrial Painter (from 14€/h to 17€/h)
  • Panel beater (from 14€/h to 17€/h)
  • All-rounder tasks (from 14€/h to 17€/h)
  • Car Polisher / Cleaner (from 14€/h to 17€/h)
  • Dismantle (14€/h)
  • Preparator (from 13€/h to 14€/h)
  • Assembly Worker (from 12€/h to 13€/h)
  • Spotrepair/smartrepair (from 14€/h to 15€/h)

You should be flexible to work in different parts of The Netherlands.

  • Transport : Bike – if the distance to work is less than 10 km
  • Electric bike – if the distance is more than 10 km
  • Company car – if the person is the driver of this car, he does not pay for transport, if the person is a passenger in the car, he pays 5 euros for the transport (daily).
  • Depending on the customer, we also have the option of reimbursing fuel costs if the employee uses a private car for work.
  • The reimbursement is EUR 0.19 / km if the distance is more than 10 km.
  • We can reimburse the fuel costs up to 40 km one way.


  • An English cv is needed to apply for this vacancy;
  • Experience in the automotive industry;
  • Proved experience in the field you are applying to;
  • Serious and flexible to work in all-around tasks;
  • Teamwork and autonomy to work by yourself.



Good communication skills in English (at least B1)