Truck Driver (category C) , in Belgium

Position is open for 110 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 13.82€/h

Job description

Our partner in the Netherlands Victrans is looking for category C drivers. They are a family owned business who delivers, transports and handles  textile containers. 

The containers you normally can find all around Belgium (in this case Flanders) that collect used clothes for Donations, the company empties these containers in the area and packs them for other companies to sort and donate the clothing.

If you have experience driving category C trucks this is the job for you!

Here are some of the tasks that you will perform as a  driver working for Victrans:

  • Drive a fixed truck;
  • Visit about 10-20 addresses per day in Flanders; (These journeys are always regional and in the vicinity of te accommodation);
  • Manually empty the existing textile containers and load textile onto the truck;
  • When the truck is fully loaded, the worker will come and unload it at the warehouse in Waregem;
  • unloading is done approximately twice a week.

The company will provide 1 week of training with a colleague. On this vacancy there is flexibility to choose your own departure time, but in a fixed structure in which the schedule is most likely to be repeated every week. Often people can deposit the clothes in the containers without bags or a packaging, this means the driver will as well have to make sure no items are left around the container taking a picture of the unloaded area and uploading it to the system.

The driver can keep the truck at the accommodation making it easy for them to be on route and not have to pick up the truck anywhere. Only when unloading.

This is  a long term offer, candidates must be able to stay in Belgium long term. As well is a physically demanding offer, could be considered as often dirty seeing as people can load sometimes garbage into the containers. Loading and unloading the trucks thru-ought the week, the candidate has to be in good health and not have any back problems.



  • A CV in english is needed to apply for this job
  • Experience on the Flemish roads is a plus
  • Responsible and trustworthy (the truck can be kept in your house)
  • 2 years minimum experience as a category C driver are a must.
  • Ability to work independently
  • Flexible with working hours and schedules



English skills are a must, minimum B1. Good levels of Dutch and French could also be accepted