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Tree nursery worker (Belgium) , in Belgium

Position is open for 53 daysAvailable positions: 2/2Salary: from 11.25€/h

Job description

Van Hulle – Werkers is a tree nursery for young plants for bare-root cultivation. The company is currently searching for forest tree nursery workers.

Employees arriving from EU countries will be provided free quarantine accommodation in Belgium. 

Your main activities are:

  • Harvesting plants in the field, outside;
  • Manually sorting plants in the warehouse, in the sorting hall (not an outside task);
  • Storage, guaranteeing the later shipping of plants;
  • Grubbing up of plants, done with advanced machines so that the root bush remains intact.

Seasonal workers are responsible for removing the mechanically detached plants and bundling them. The bundled plants are placed on carts for transport to the warehouse.

One-shift, from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is a day-off. Shifts are: from Monday to Thursday (07:50-17:00); on Friday (07:50-16:00) & on Saturday (07:50-12:00). you should be flexible regarding overtime, depending on the company’s workflow & customer demands.

Anything under fifty weekly working hours are considered additional hours and paid 100%.

During bad weather conditions, all employees work inside the warehouse. Full-Time job offer, in a good & friendly working environment.



  • CV in English, with detailed information about experience, is needed to apply for this job;
  • Experience in agriculture and  horticulture, preferably in the tree nursery, is a plus;
  • Motivation to work in agriculture;
  • Flexibility regarding working hours;
  • Healthy and capable to stand up for the entire working journey and eventually bend;
  • Team player, able to work in a fast-pace & capable to work independently;
  • Compliance with safety regulations;
  • Availability for six-months stay in Belgium (minimum).



English, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese or Romanian language skills are needed. If you speak other language, English needs to be communicative level (B1). For couples or small groups, only 1 person needs to be able to communicate in same language.